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Group V has always believed in giving back to society what it has received from it . Through these years we have helped social organizations with projects aimed at development and alleviating the misery of downtrodden people. These are qualities we have imbibed from our founder Shri K. K. Shah who was a prominent social worker.

In 1962 when Kutch suffered from frequent droughts, Shri K. K. Shah was made the President of Central Drought Relief Committee, Kutch. He helped to arrange fodder for cattle and sustenance for the affected people, thus saving the lives of thousands of cattle and deprived people. His excellent work was appreciated and he was felicitated by leaders like the then Governor of Gujarat, Chief Minister, Gujarat Revenue Minister and others including social organizations.
He also pioneered cloud seeding programs in his hometown, way back then.
Later when Kutch came under the onslaught of floods and cyclones, Group V-Trans came to the aid by offering free transportation of relief materials from Mumbai to Gujarat. Again during the earthquake in 2001, we realized our responsibility by offering more than 100 trucks to transport relief materials to Kutch.

  • Significant contributions have been made towards a residential home for the underprivileged at Kutch.
  • Health is another area close to our hearts. Considerable contributions have been made towards a heart foundation, sanatorium and other health projects in Gujarat.
  • Last year alone V-Trans made considerable contributions to the School of Human Genetics and Population Health towards preventing diseases and deformity in the perspective of modern genetics, and Shri Arvindo Institute of Applied Scientific Research Trust towards spreading awareness and eradication of Thalassemia.
  • Our Promoters have a soft heart that extends to humans and animals alike. We regularly make significant contributions to several welfare bodies who are involved in doing yeoman service to humans and other living entities such as Shri Patri Mumbai Mahajan, Shri Patri Sarvoday Samaj, Shri Kutchi Jain Seva Samaj, Sightsavers, Shree Vachhraj Dada Jeevdaya Gaow Seva Trust, Shri Patri Jain Bhojanshala, Shree Kutch Mundra Panjarapole and Gaushala, Om Shri Jivdaya Kendra to name a prominent few.
  • Yet another noble cause the Management of V-Trans has attached itself is to Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust through regular support and free carriage of all their hospital needs.
  • In 1992, we sponsored a medical camp in Bidada. We also donated an entire wing meant for their resident doctors' quarters in the hospital complex to the tune of 71 lakhs.
  • Fully Air Conditioned and Computerized Panchayat Ghar at Patri Village: Taking around 6 months to construct, the Panchayat Ghar is fully Air Conditioned and Computerized and equipped with all the latest office equipments. It has become one of the first Panchayat offices with a true corporate look and is the first such Panchayat office in the whole of Gujarat and perhaps in India. Named after our founder Shri K. K. Shah this Panchayat Ghar was inaugurated by State Minister ,Gujarat, Mr. Vasan Ahir.
Dignity to Drivers

Dignity to Drivers

We treat drivers as an integral part of our business, our extended arm and equal partners in progress. We also conduct regular training programs for drivers of our owned and attached vehicles in association with WIAA & Castrol Institute to hone their driving techniques and changing trends. We also engage them in regular training and counselling workshops organized in association with Brahmakumaris towards health related issues like AIDS awareness, de-addiction of vices such as alcohol and tobacco consumption. Through an NGO we organize regular medical camps for our drivers.

Comfortable resting places and wash room facilities have been provided to the drivers and labourers at major transhipment hubs so that they may take rest, thus reducing road fatigue and improving road safety. In adherence to road safety rules, we ensure that apart from bonafide occupants our drivers do not carry any other person on board.

These initiatives for drivers have given them a sense of belongingness and responsibility and have helped us in reducing road accidents.
We have invested in Mechanized Equipment (MHEs) to protect the health of our labour. They are imparted training on a regular basis on use of this equipment to prevent injuries.
Infact the Mathadi labour board, an organization comprising representatives of labour, government and transport industry has honoured V-Trans with their best employer award.

In recognition of our HR initiatives with regards to our staff, drivers and labour alike we have received industry recognition through CEAT National Award for Personnel Management for three consecutive years in 2010, 2011 & 2012.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We have always complied with regulatory requirements of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Central Excise, State or Central Govt. Agencies. We do not have any disputes with any Govt. Authorities or clients.

  • We adhere to all the laws of land.
  • We are widely recognized for our business dealings which are based on trust and ethical.
  • We follow fair business practices with all, clients, society and employees. Greater participation by women in our workforce, including some who have been appointed as Department/Branch Heads, amongst the first in the industry, testifies to our Fair-to-All personnel policy.
  • We are very transparent in all our dealings.
  • Practically no case has been registered against us in any court of law in the last 10 years.
  • Even non-regular clients trust us by using our company to transport their high valued goods.
  • In recognition of the above we won the CFBP- Jamnalal Bajaj Uchit Vyavahar Puraskar.
Preserving Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

Preserving Natural Resources and Environmental Protection

The transport sector is partly responsible for vehicular pollution and it's greenhouse effect . The organization is consciously aware of this fact and have taken various counter steps towards preservation of resources. Some of them are:

  • Using clean, undiluted fuel only for our fleet :

    • Our optimum fleet usage is 3-4 years after which they are phased out.
    • We have a young fleet of fuel efficient, Stage IV & HSSE compliant vehicles
    • Fixed maintenance contracts, regular PUC & tyre checks to keep our vehicles intop roadworthy condition and from harmful emissions
    • Fixed accounts with reliable and trusted re-filling petrol pumps with petro-card facility to discourage our drivers from using diluted fuel from unscrupulous dealers.
    • Overloading the vehicles over and above the tare capacity is a strict no-no.
  • Replacing Electricity with Solar Power :

    • With a view to conserve our natural resources we have set up solar panels at most of our hubs and transhipment centers which is used for lighting system
    • Solar panels have been set up at our Vapi Super Hub for the benefit of about 200 nos of labourers, drivers and staff who are provided with residential quarters there as well as our Training Institute at Ahmedabad which has accommodation facilities for about 75 persons.
    Replacing Electricity with Solar Power
  • Rainwater Harvesting :

    • Rainwater harvesting technique has been introduced at our Vapi Super Hub, Aslali, Gandhidham and Nelamangala transhipment premises
    • Employees planted around 200 saplings at Vapi, marked with their individual names on them, thus making them responsible for their individual sapling.
    • At Golden chokdi transhipment, Baroda we have planted 12 trees.
    • At Gandhidham we have planted around 150 saplings of neem suitable for surviving in the local environmental conditions.
    • To maintain food chain balance, at Rudanagar, Rajkot and Gandhidham we have created 30-40 nesting spaces for sparrows where they could rear their young ones. This will soon be replicated in Bangalore and Vapi.
    • Responding to the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan we conducted a cleanliness drive at Vapi Super Hub on 2nd October 2014.
  • E-Waste Program :

    • With 100% of our branches computerized, E-Waste is soon becoming an environmental hazard. V-Trans is doing its bit on environmental conservation and has joined hands with M/s. Ecoreco Recycling Ltd., a Mumbai based e-waste recycling agency to manage our e-waste disposal. On notification from us, they arrange to pick up our e-waste from site – anywhere in India, and have it re-cycled. They have also issued us a certificate for the same.
    • Basic office stationery is re-cycled
    • In recognition of the above initiatives we have won the CEAT India Road Transportation award for Environment Conservation for the year 2011.
    E-Waste Program E-Waste Program
  • Seed Balls:

      To preserve the environment is to preserve the trees, planting tree today will save the generations tomorrow. We understand the importance of trees and plants and encourage planting as many of them as possible. In our annual employee meets in 2019 we distributed seed balls to our employees. 1 box had 10 seed balls and we distributed more than 2000 such boxes across India.
    Seed Ball

Corporate Office

    Unit No. 06,Corporate Park,
    V.N. Purav Marg,Chembur,
    Mumbai – 400071.
  • Tel Phone: (022) 6736 9999
    (022)-25220423, 24,25,26
  • Customer Care No: 9870 140 141
  • Email Id: info@vtransgroup.com

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