V-Trans Become Business Partner with Us: Broaden Your Opportunities

We are seeking a long-term business partner with knowledge of logistics, a strong network, and the ability to handle sales, operations, and administration. Our company offers integrated logistics services and has a proven track record in the industry. Together, we aim to expand our business, improve efficiency, and increase profits. Financial resources and commitment to invest time and resources in the business are required. We are open to various business models and welcome partners to contact us for support and assistance.

V-Trans Become Business Partner with Us: Broaden Your Opportunities

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Gratitude for Exceptional Partnership
I want to express my sincere thanks for the outstanding partnership over the past 2 years. Your streamlined permitting process and collaborative approach have significantly contributed to our success. I appreciate your continuous support and commitment to excellence.
Sushil Kumar Mishra

Sushil Kumar Mishra Bakrol Franchise

16 years ago, I began my logistics journey with V-Trans. Today, I've proudly developed the Tirupur market from scratch to a thriving 24 Lakhs business. With two of my own vehicles, V-Trans has been more than a company – it's been a life-changer. Grateful for the transformative journey and excited for more success ahead!
Mrs. Muthuselvi Loganathan

Mrs. Muthuselvi Loganathan Tirupur Franchise

I've had the privilege of working with V-Trans India Ltd. for 18 years, and it's been a fulfilling journey. I am delighted to be a part of this esteemed organization, grateful for the strong partnership we've built. Working with V-Trans has been a rewarding experience, and I am proud to be associated with such a great company.
Manjunatha Kv

Manjunatha Kv Jigani Franchisee

PTL Part Truck Load / PTL - LTL

Its not possible for a client to have a full truck load available each time they have some material to be shipped. All clients, irrespective of their size, be it an MNC, a large Indian corporate or MSES, maximum times they need, a solution where they can ship loads, lesser than the full truck. A service provider has to have the deep penetrated network, operational expertise, technology support and most importantly domain expertise to deliver these solutions. This is where V-Trans is uniquely positioned, we have the capability and proven expertise to pick up any load from any location and deliver it anywhere in the country. For last 6 decades, working with varied industries, V-Trans has developed the capabilities to provide unmatched part load services.
PTL Part Truck Load / PTL -  LTL

For cargo that requires less than full truck load space, our competitive structure helps the client maximize the delivery efficiency.

Our automated systems and desired vehicle capacity enable us to load varied material that ensures maximum utility of space. Being the champion of part load segment we understand the compatibility of goods and therefore safeguard that each customer’s goods are given best possible space allocation to avoid any damage in transit.

Our predefined routes and transits schedule with perfect hub & spoke model of Transhipments and branches, ensure that our vehicles travel at best delivery times. With GPS fitted vehicles, and easy track & trace facility, the consignments can be tracked with a click and thus further schedule is align to have best possible productivity.

The sheer load of over 20 LAKH MT of cargo that we pick up and deliver across the nation each year, gives us the strength to pick and deliver loads from any part of the country in minimum possible time. With automation, and available loads, we reduce transit time and optimize the loading – offloading time at various stops in the delivery routes.

FTL Full Truck Load Cargo Service

When a client has load equal to a full truck, it is easier to assign them and latest truck with trained and reliable drivers, who then warrants that the shipment is pick up and safely delivered at the destination on time. The full truck load consignment doesn’t stop at mid points and hence completes the journey faster.
FTL Full Truck Load Cargo Service

As the vehicle travels between pick up and destination point without any stop the consignment is delivered safely and with speed.

V-Trans group has the advantage of vast number of fleet available under the network. The company owned fleet as well as the emplaned vendors’ fleet is ready and available for any Full truck load to be delivered with ease and speed and at effective cost. We have all size of trucks available for a full truck consignment whether it is 19 ft, 21 ft or a big 32 ft size truck.

Goods are shipped with full trucks loads do not get lost in transit or untraced. The cargo once loaded does not get unloaded or shifted onto another vehicle. The truck is sealed after loading and unsealed only at the destination.

ODC Over Dimensional Cargo

At times the material comes in different size and bit big, to the extent of 40 ft, 60ft or even more. From identifying a right type of vehicle to ensuring that the material reaches safely to the destination and staying compliant to the traffic guidelines, it requires an expert to handle ODA consignments. Our expert team takes care of all such requirements and we have delivered number of such shipments with ease and accuracy.
ODC Over Dimensional Cargo

Our ODC Cargo Handling is highly acknowledged for safety, promptness, effectiveness, and reliability.

We have a specialized team that can analyze your cargo & provide recommendations for exact solutions.

We have delivered numerous Over dimensional consignments of any size or volume, across India with accuracy and safety

Single-window Logistics Solutions

Our diversified business services in surface transport, door to door express movement, multimodal logistics, and comprehensive warehousing, all these services makes it ideal for a customer to choose us and experience the integrated and customized offerings uniquely created for them. Our clients cherish the peace and focus on their core work, while leaving the logistics worries on us, knowing that a champion will handle them.
 Single-window Logistics Solutions

We have built flexible and scalable logistic capabilities and services that can augment and evolve in sync with your business volumes and needs.

We are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to manage your unique logistics needs – securely, efficiently, and effectively.

Right from providing infrastructure to managing and optimizing the transportation and enabling technologies to bring in the benefits of optimized time & resources, We provide a Single-window response to clients.

Plus Value Added Services

With our experience of over 6 decades and understanding of various industries, we understand that each client has different logistics requirements. We therefore offer plethora of value added services and let our clients have a felicitous choice. In payment options a client can choose from Paid, To Pay, or billing, service, likewise for delivery options it can be Door to door, godown to door, godown to godown, Delivery against Consignee Copy (DACC), Cash On Delivery ( COD) any combination. For the diversified services we have a clients can easily choose a combination of surface transport, express cargo movement, warehousing or end to end logistics solutions with us.
Plus Value Added Services

We keep clients at the center in everything that we do and our endeavor is to give a best customer experience always. Our dedicated team is just a click / call away to have your queries answered or provide you any support that you look for.

Our company prides in transparent cost and billing structures with our clients. We are a GST compliant company & ensure that our customers see the value through our services. We have a single point billing system that ensures right time billing to our clients.

The leadership of surface transport exposure of warehouse and 3pl and strength of multimodal logistic express cargo delivery makes V-Trans preferred choice

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V-TRANS® Awards & Certification

  • V-Trans is happy to announce that we are the winner of India Cargo Awards for Best Integrated logistics service provider.

  • Overall Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain.

  • Safety Champion Company of the Year

  • Efficient & Effective

    Our updated technology, state of the art infrastructure, and trained staff ensures, the best customized cargo management and logistics solutions for all sizes and types of cargo at competitive costs with effective operations.
  • Expert

    Through longstanding relationship with our clients, we have years of expertise in handling voluminous types of material acrros geographies and Industries. It is this expertise and netwrok power that sets V-Trans Apart for the rest.
  • Ethical

    With technology and excellence in delivering the cargo, one thing that can never be compromised is being Ethical. V-Trans is known for its Ethical dealings with employees, vendors and other stakeholders. This trait is instilled by the founders and it runs in the very DNA of the company.

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