V-Trans Rise with SPORTS

V-Trans Rise with SPORTS

The air in India crackles with excitement. From the thunderous bat-on-ball symphony of cricket grounds to the stick-wielding magic of hockey rinks, India's sporting scene is witnessing a glorious ascent. Our athletes, fueled by dedication and grit, are scaling peaks on the global stage, etching their names in the halls of sporting legend.

2023 has been a testament to India’s sporting prowess. Our cricketers continue to dominate, clinching the prestigious Asia Cup and reaching the coveted ICC World Cup semi-finals. On the hockey field, the ‘Draghilicous’ Harmanpreet Kaur led the women’s team to a historic Commonwealth Games Gold, while the men’s squad secured a bronze in the same tournament. These are just a few of the countless triumphs that paint a vibrant picture of sporting excellence.

But behind every victory lies a meticulous network of support. At V-Trans, we understand the intricacies of the sporting ecosystem. We provide comprehensive logistics solutions that cater to the unique needs of sports goods manufacturers, event organizers, and broadcasting companies. Our experience and expertise ensure the seamless flow of everything from high-performance equipment to crucial broadcast infrastructure, guaranteeing that the show goes on with impeccable precision.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere logistics. We understand the power of sports to unite, inspire, and empower. Through strategic partnerships and social initiatives, we actively contribute to grassroots development programs, nurture young talent, and promote inclusivity in sports.

As India rises in the pantheon of sporting powerhouses, V-Trans rises alongside it. We are not just logistics providers; we are passionate fans, ardent supporters, and active participants in this exhilarating saga of sporting glory. We believe that with every win, every record broken, and every athlete who conquers the podium, India takes a giant leap toward a brighter, more athletic future.

So, let the roar of the crowds mingle with the cheers of victory. Let the colors of our national flag flutter proudly on international podiums. And let V-Trans continue to be the silent engine driving India’s unstoppable rise in the world of sports.

Celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, and together, let’s Rise with SPORTS!

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V-TRANS® Awards & Certification

  • V-Trans is happy to announce that we are the winner of India Cargo Awards for Best Integrated logistics service provider.

  • Overall Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain.

  • Safety Champion Company of the Year

  • Efficient & Effective

    Our updated technology, state of the art infrastructure, and trained staff ensures, the best customized cargo management and logistics solutions for all sizes and types of cargo at competitive costs with effective operations.
  • Expert

    Through longstanding relationship with our clients, we have years of expertise in handling voluminous types of material acrros geographies and Industries. It is this expertise and netwrok power that sets V-Trans Apart for the rest.
  • Ethical

    With technology and excellence in delivering the cargo, one thing that can never be compromised is being Ethical. V-Trans is known for its Ethical dealings with employees, vendors and other stakeholders. This trait is instilled by the founders and it runs in the very DNA of the company.

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