Services Logistics Services in Calicut

Services Logistics Services in Calicut

The logistic industry has become part and parcel of all the businesses in today’s age, and delivering seamless logistic services has become a basic need. By understanding the current industrial scenario, V-Trans works to deliver world-quality transport services in Calicut that helps all the business players to achieve maximum proficiency.

V-Trans holds decades of experience in the logistic industry, and we are the ones who have grown leaps and bounds with our sincere efforts from our inception to date. Being a renowned logistic service provider, we deliver custom-made services to all our diversified industrial clients according to their business needs.

Our end-end transport services in Calicut include FTL, PTL, and ODC services that meet and deliver client requirements in the best possible way. We provide dedicated logistic services in Calicut successfully by adapting to the industrial dynamics taking place radically with time. We hold the best logistic chain in the industry that, makes us the unavoidable player for any business when it comes to availing any transporting services.

Calicut or Kozhikode is a Southwest coast district of Kerala, where few of its topography lies in Western ghats, and high hills lie in the eastern direction. It has total industrial units of varied sizes and sectors of around 1078 that expect an investment of Rs 9547 lakhs.

PTL Part Truck Load Logistics Services in Calicut

V-Trans achieves high-cost optimization by delivering the best PTL services in Calicut that brings in all the client stakeholders' goods and products together and prolifically transport them. Our experience in the logistic industry and the quality team we hold help us deliver exceptional PTL services in Calicut.

PTL Part Truck Load Logistics Services in Calicut

For cargo that requires less than full truck load space, our competitive structure helps the client maximize the delivery efficiency.

Our automated systems and desired vehicle capacity enable us to load varied material that ensures maximum utility of space. Being the champion of part load segment we understand the compatibility of goods and therefore safeguard that each customer’s goods are given best possible space allocation to avoid any damage in transit.

Our predefined routes and transits schedule with perfect hub & spoke model of Transhipments and branches, ensure that our vehicles travel at best delivery times. With GPS fitted vehicles, and easy track & trace facility, the consignments can be tracked with a click and thus further schedule is align to have best possible productivity.

The sheer load of over 20 LAKH MT of cargo that we pick up and deliver across the nation each year, gives us the strength to pick and deliver loads from any part of the country in minimum possible time. With automation, and available loads, we reduce transit time and optimize the loading – offloading time at various stops in the delivery routes.

Track your shipment through our various technology platforms. The mobile application, an input of your Tracking ID Number on our website or a call to our customer care expert can all help you with updated details of your cargo.

FTL Full Truck Load Logistics Services in Calicut

Let it be any amount of goods or products that need to get transported, and let it be to any part of the country, V-Trans make it in a most hassle-free way with its FTL services in Calicut. Being a top-quality FTL service provider in Calicut, we ensure extreme security to your bulk goods that get transported under our sight.
FTL Full Truck Load Logistics Services in Calicut

As the vehicle travels between pick up and destination point without any stop the consignment is delivered safely and with speed.

V-Trans group has the advantage of vast number of fleet available under the network. The company owned fleet as well as the emplaned vendors’ fleet is ready and available for any Full truck load to be delivered with ease and speed and at effective cost. We have all size of trucks available for a full truck consignment whether it is 19 ft, 21 ft or a big 32 ft size truck.

Goods are shipped with full trucks loads do not get lost in transit or untraced. The cargo once loaded does not get unloaded or shifted onto another vehicle. The truck is sealed after loading and unsealed only at the destination.

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