Services Logistics Services in Kottayam

Services Logistics Services in Kottayam

The Indian logistic industry is growing leaps and bounds, and the numbers of its market volume size are the perfect example that depicts its growth. The market volume of the Indian logistic industry is expected to reach USD 92.10 billion by 2024 from 54.69 billion USD in 2015, with a CAGR of 7.5%.

V-Trans is a prominent player in the arena of the Indian logistic industry, ensuring to deliver unmatchable logistic services in Kottayam that certainly surpass all the clients’ expectations. Our prolific transport services in Kottayam include FTL, PTL, and ODC services assisted with a real-time tracking system and better approaches to warehouse management.

V-Trans has always updated with the emergence of new technologies and business approaches and implemented it in its logistic operations and this practice has helped us not just sustain, but also to stay ahead in the competition. We deploy the necessary safety and security protocols in our transport services in Kottayam that helps us to ship our clients’ goods in a hassle-free way.

Kottayam district lies in central Kerala and it is surrounded by the Western Ghats in the east and Kuttanad in the west. Kottayam district holds 18088 industrial units with a total investment of Rs. 86129 lakhs.

PTL Part Truck Load Logistics Services in Kottayam

V-Trans delivers the most efficacious PTL services in Kottayam that assembles goods from different streams and transports them to the desired place in a most secure way, and we make it happen with our exceptional chain of professionals in our network.

PTL Part Truck Load Logistics Services in Kottayam

For cargo that requires less than full truck load space, our competitive structure helps the client maximize the delivery efficiency.

Our automated systems and desired vehicle capacity enable us to load varied material that ensures maximum utility of space. Being the champion of part load segment we understand the compatibility of goods and therefore safeguard that each customer’s goods are given best possible space allocation to avoid any damage in transit.

Our predefined routes and transits schedule with perfect hub & spoke model of Transhipments and branches, ensure that our vehicles travel at best delivery times. With GPS fitted vehicles, and easy track & trace facility, the consignments can be tracked with a click and thus further schedule is align to have best possible productivity.

The sheer load of over 20 LAKH MT of cargo that we pick up and deliver across the nation each year, gives us the strength to pick and deliver loads from any part of the country in minimum possible time. With automation, and available loads, we reduce transit time and optimize the loading – offloading time at various stops in the delivery routes.

Track your shipment through our various technology platforms. The mobile application, an input of your Tracking ID Number on our website or a call to our customer care expert can all help you with updated details of your cargo.

FTL Full Truck Load Logistics Services in Kottayam

V-Trans is known for delivering well accomplished logistic services in Kottayam, and the way we handle our FTL service is a stand out example of it. We are highly capable of shipping any huge amount of goods to any distance in India with our proficient team.
FTL Full Truck Load Logistics Services in Kottayam

As the vehicle travels between pick up and destination point without any stop the consignment is delivered safely and with speed.

V-Trans group has the advantage of vast number of fleet available under the network. The company owned fleet as well as the emplaned vendors’ fleet is ready and available for any Full truck load to be delivered with ease and speed and at effective cost. We have all size of trucks available for a full truck consignment whether it is 19 ft, 21 ft or a big 32 ft size truck.

Goods are shipped with full trucks loads do not get lost in transit or untraced. The cargo once loaded does not get unloaded or shifted onto another vehicle. The truck is sealed after loading and unsealed only at the destination.

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