We are committed to a greener future for mankind

V-Trans has always believed that sustainability. Ever since our inception, we have always held a reputation of being an ethical and responsible organization. For six decades now, we have always done business in compliance with the best of ESG practices. As sustainability was set in stone for us, working towards a greener future and environment has always been our priority. This has taken a central stage in the last couple of years.

We have undertaken initiatives like green tree plantation, rural life upliftment, and energy conservation with other CSR work. We have been working to harness the power of the sun and have also opted for less polluting vehicles in our fleet.

Recently, we became proud owners of the first CNG vehicle produced manufactured by Ashok Leyland. We hold old and cherished relations with Ashok Leyland, who is one of the most trusted names in the commercial vehicles industry. Their first CNG vehicle, which is both highly efficient and eco-friendly, was delivered to us on 8th February 2022. Incidentally, our Managing Director Mr. Mahendra Shah was present in Ahmedabad where handover was happening and was able to be a part of the ceremony.

We have had a long history with Ashok Leyland Family. Our Chairman, Mr. Ashok Shah has family-like relations with Hinduja Brothers, the owners of Ashok Leyland. They have been an important part of our family, and recently they were the ones who launched our Chairman’s book. This symbolizes how important they are to us. We hold great and cherished relations with one of their key distributors in Ahemdabad, Ms………. And we hold good relations their head, Mr. Pradeep.

We have been keenly observing the Electronic Vehicle segment, and are looking forward to more sustainable automobile solutions. We believe that sustainable automobile solutions are a key to unlocking the true potential of Sustainable Logistics, that will shape the future of the commercial transportation industry. As such, we are excited to see what’s more to come in the sustainable commercial automobiles section from Ashok Leyland group in the future, providing us with economically and operationally viable transport solutions, that will help us do more for nature and society.