A Legacy of Excellence in Logistics, defining not just our brand but the entire Industry.

Logistics. A term that we throw around quite easily, yet this is the industry that acts as veins and arteries of a Nation’s economy. Logistics is a core component of the national economy. It’s a significant player in terms of trade, cargo transportation and economic sustenance. The term comes from military definitions. Napoleon once said, an army marches on its stomach. The stomach being the supply trains, the logistics. Such is the importance of Logistics.

When we started our journey back in 1958, the national economy was still in its early days. Our founding fathers set up our core values and ethics, laying down the groundwork for our and industry’s success. We were given a chance to define how Logistics Industry would shape the future. And throughout all these years, we have gained nothing but pride and success, and great satisfaction in knowing that we establish pathways of how the Logistics Industry would turn out to be in future.

Today, we, V-Trans hold 6 decades of excellence filled legacy. Ever since our foundation was laid, the market has boomed, the economy changed, markets diversified. From a humble start, we now have a massive presence throughout the nation as well as in SAARC Nations. We adapted to everything, to all changes. Yet one thing has never changed, our core values. The values set in stone by founders are the ones that define our success and your prosperity in this Industry each and every day. We have a legacy that glorifies our radiant past and illuminates our upcoming bright future.

The market is predicted to grow massively. And as it grows, so will the logistical challenges and hurdles for markets to reach out to people all across the nation. As the market booms, so will the demand for high-speed logistical solutions, and we’ll be there. Right there right then, crafting out bespoke logistical solutions for our clients and partners. With our Industry defining Logistical Solutions backed by state-of-the-art technologies powering our solutions, we will transform the future of the Logistics Industry

Our efforts in defining this Industry have never gone unnoticed. We have been awarded multiple titles, recognizing the efforts we take to transform our Logistics industry every day. We don’t just strive towards our own success, but we take with us our clients and partners in our journey as well. When we succeed, they do as well, right along with us.

Today we are a choice of partner for PTL, FTL, ODC and Express Cargo Movement and many more partners, delivering bespoke solutions backed by cutting edge infrastructure in place.

We have seen success in our goals till now and backed by our client’s trust, we will keep on succeeding in future endeavours as well, transforming the entire Logistical Industry as we grow more in future.