Freight management is wholly dependent on fleet management, such is the power equation between the two, undoubtedly so. It is crucial to have in-transit visibility for improved, flawless and streamlined operations,

B2B and B2C companies have turned the world over to revolutionize the way order deliveries are made and met with the underrated comfort of our homes. In our version of Alladin, ecommerce deliveries fulfil the role of the genie: delivering our expectations within a short interval, all within the comfort of our own homes.

At the backdrop of such operations lies a tireless logistics and transportation structure which makes use of a fleet management system that is in place to monitor such deliveries. This is where V-Trans comes into picture. With the tagline – Driving Excellence – they strive to be the logistics edge for their clients by diligently blending technology, infrastructure, people expertise and commitment.

A majority of companies today acknowledge a lack of visibility of their last-mile truck deliveries, which leaves them in dearth of detailed and accurate information about their production, trucking and warehousing operations. However, with the updated technology tools dispensed by V-Trans facilitate, their clients to place pickup requests online or through the helpline, calculate the approximate costs for cargo deliveries or get quick quotes, and locate the various locations to get an updated status of the cargo. When it comes to fleet management operations, the ability to monitor what transpires out on the road is in the list of V-Trans priorities.

We’re at an age where freight movement is on a continuous rise and in the absence of in-transit visibility, supply chain operations can be seen to be stifled. This can significantly lead to prolonged delays in customer deliveries. However, V-Trans gives its customers a robust network, updated technology, efficient processes, economical costs and expert team for their supply chain solutions.

A major boost to transportation visibility is the knowledge of its freight. Through longstanding relationship with their clients, V-Trans has years of expertise in handling voluminous types of material across geographies and industries. It is this expertise of over 6 decades and network power that sets V-Trans apart from the rest. A transparent company-client relationship empowers stakeholders by allowing them to make proactive decisions. This has a significant impact in saving time and costs throughout the entire supply chain.

To leverage technology for an efficient, robust fleet management system, the company utilizes AI and analytics, in combination with tech-enabled operations and passionate team working for delivering excellence to our clients and thus taking their client’s supply chain performance to the next level. V-Trans is a reliable partner for your cargo deliveries with advanced technology platforms connecting all their locations and providing the visibility, clubbed with well trained staff to take care of the cargo throughout the journey. At its core, their fleet management technology utilises GPS location data to highlight the position and location of the shipment during the transit. This comes with a plethora of benefits, from revealing the delivery timing to rerouting in the event of disruptions like bad weather or road conditions. They have over 800 booking and delivery offices, and over 50 state of the art trans-shipments across strategic locations to have prefect a hub and spoke model for enabling the optimized operations and cost.

The bouquet of services that they offer and the flexibility and expertise in sensing and unearthing the apt solution is something that their client’s recognize as one of their unique advantage. The thorough experience of handling different size and type of loads, understanding of load pattern of various industries and the astute grip over length & breadth of the country, set V-Trans apart from the rest. In payment options a client can choose from Paid, To Pay, or billing, service; likewise for delivery options it can be door to door, godown to door, godown to godown, Delivery against Consignee Copy (DACC), Cash On Delivery (COD) or any other combination. A client can easily choose from the diversified services they provide, a combination of surface transport, express cargo movement, warehousing or end to end logistics solutions, making it integrated logistics in true sense.