Having a firm determination to provide seamless logistic service across borders, V-trans took its first step in 1958. It has been more than six decades past, but our business ethics and core values remain at our roots, and they helped us become a diversified single window logistic solution provider in the nation. The dedicated efforts made by our team all these years and our channel partners made us the most promising logistic solution provider that includes services like PTL, FTL, ODC, Express cargo, warehousing, and 3PL, not just in India but also in SAARC nations. We ensured that we got updated with evolving business trends and technology, which backed us whenever we faced a shift in the industry and assisted us to stand firm all these days.

Attaining clients’ satisfaction is our goal, and we strive hard to pursue it in all stages of our journey. We maintain the expected trustworthiness in our work by deploying advanced technologies at the right place in our business model and with the help of trained and experienced staff who are the backbone of our success. V-Trans have a dedicated booking and transportation office in all the regions as a proper hub and spoke model that eases transportation at an optimized cost.

One of the core reasons behind the trust that our clients hold in us is our approach to the business and handling complicated situations. We bring exclusiveness when it comes to handling our clients from different industries, making us super special in the arena of Indian logistics. We provide quality logistic solutions with the combined effort of our group companies, and that makes our job easier here.

Values we believe

We believe in our company values and stick firmly to them, irrespective of our position. We are passionate about our work and show zero tolerance when compromising the quality of delivering a service. We built this empire on our client’s reliability, and we will not allow it to get broken. As a visionary logistic player, we are the first to adapt to innovative changes, out of the box approaches and pay special attention to futuristic ideas. We value the importance of individuality, and hence we respect everyone’s talent, and we also believe that approaching our business with ethics gives us longevity in this industry.

Our Quality Policies

Fulfilling client expectation is our primary goal, and V-trans work hard to achieve it every while taking up a project. We monitor the ever-changing client expectation in the logistics industry and bring in the required alterations in our business model to achieve client satisfaction. We undergo self-periodic reviews at regular intervals, which helps to deploy improvement in our process from time to time.

We put our best efforts to achieve zero defects in our entire logistic operation for every project since we highly value the resource we deploy. It is an untold rule in our organization to handle resources with care and aim for zero defects in all the minor jobs that assemble in carrying out a huge logistic operation.

We are a 52 times award winning logistic company having more than 1000 branches and services to more than 15000 locations. Being a nature-concerned company, our CSR activity focuses on protection the of natural resources.