For an online business transporting any product more safely and cost-effectively is highly mandatory, it needs the assistance of an organized supply chain network to achieve it. If an online business needs to stand out in its industry and out beat the competition, it needs the help of a proper supply chain network. An online business can adopt one of the six modes of transportation to ship its products, but surface cargo will be the best suitable one to transport any kind of product. In this blog, we will be looking at the benefits delivered by surface cargo to the Logistic industry and online businesses.

Why surface cargo is important for the logistics industry?

With the advent of digitization and the influence of the pandemic, the Logistic business industry and consumer behaviour have radically changed in the recent past, where today’s customers prefer or rather highly prefer online shopping over the traditional method. So, to deliver the customer requirements the logistics industry has also changed its shape by embedding advanced technologies and new business practices. Despite all these changes, the logistics industry undoubtedly still prefers surface cargo as their best mode of transportation. The real challenge for the Indian Logistic industry is to track the shipment made in surface cargo and ensure the stocks get delivered on time. Being the top logistic service provider in India, we at V-Trans provide seamless logistic services by making good use of surface cargo.

Why online businesses must adopt surface cargo as their logistic option?

Doorstep delivery

Doorstep delivery is said to be the striking USP of surface cargo, which cannot be seen in any other logistic service. This striking feature of surface cargo makes it highly relatable to the end customers and easily adaptable for the logistic operators as it reduces unnecessary packaging activities like cartage, loading, and unloading.

Rural Penetration

Another notable feature of the surface cargo especially the roadways is its accessibility to deep remote rural areas. Any products can be delivered to and from these rural areas with the help of surface cargo by providing several delivery options.

Flexibility in Service

This is something that a non-surface cargo logistics service cannot afford or deliver. Surface cargo can deliver the required stock according to the demand of a specific region or even a specific customer.

Cheap and Speed

Surface cargo is undoubtedly a cheaper option when compared to other logistic services, where it demands much lesser investment from an online business and a low maintenance rate as well. Add up to it surface cargo is also the fastest mode of logistic service when compared with its counterparts, where the water mode is obviously slower and the real and air mode consumes a lot of formalities and paper works nicely to havoc. Hence, it is better to find the best logistic service provider (internal link to the website).

Preferred for Short Distance

Surface cargo is the go-to option if an inventory unit needs to be delivered at a short distance, it cuts down the delay happened due to the loading process which also avoids product damage. Further, it also eliminates intermediate spending and paves the way for on-time delivery.


Surface Cargo is the best suit for online businesses on any given day and it caters to the business’s several advantages in its day-to-day life. It is up to the online business which adopts the surface cargo logistic service and its operability which decides its result in attaining the required benefits.