ODC or Over Dimensional Cargo (Oversized Cargo) as its name suggests loads the cargo outside the freight in big shipments. For example, if the cargo’s vehicle bed is 30 feet long, and if there is a need for adding 33 feet TMT then ODC comes into the picture. Moreover, the height and size of the cargo bed will always be larger than the normal load. This setup is tailor-made for containers that carry a heavy load from one place to another. Whether it is for domestic needs or it is for commercial purposes, ODC can help logistic players to transport heavyweight goods. The state-of-the-art infrastructure makes it happen to transport these heavy loads. The government has set norms for length and width for various categories in this kind of truck, where, rigid ones must not exceed 12m, commercial must be within 16m, and 2.6m for other sorts of vehicles. We at V-Trans provide the best logistics services in terms of ODC and here in this blog, we will be providing some insights about ODC transportation.

What is ODC?

The Over Dimensional Cargo is a mode of Cargo that transports a large volume of goods, and it is also known to transport goods that require more special attention in the entire process. The most notable thing here is a single flaw would make a great loss for the company, and it is mandatory to plan perfectly to overcome any unexpected hurdle.

Characteristics of Good ODC Service Provider

High on Experience

The ODC service-providing company must hold great experience in this field in particular and their exposure must be helpful to avail the service with ease without any complexity.

Transparent and Reliable Workflow

Carrying out a transparent and reliable workflow is vital here to know the clients that their goods are taken care of properly, providing 100% transparency in the working process brings in that reliability.

On-time Delivery

Timely delivery is an unwritten rule in the logistics industry, and the player who provides it frequently would be the most preferred one by all the clients, and it doesn’t make any difference in the case of ODC service.

Role of ODC in different industries

Power sector

Transporting any kind of power plant equipment or goods is not just a challenging, but also a complicated task, a highly experienced logistic service provider presence is important here to deliver the right kind of service.


The manufacturing industry is another sector that heavily depends on quality ODC service since they have frequent requirements. Moving manufacturing products whether they are finished goods or raw materials, has to be done with zero error and also at the right time.

Oil and Gas

Delivering ODC service to the oil and gas industry is not similar to the way it is delivered to other industries, since it might get more complicated if there is any occurrence of accidents. Therefore, the team involved in this activity is crucial that deciding the delivery of the oil and gas products.


Delivering ODC service is not like providing other logistic services, since it not just involves things at bigger numbers, but also holds equal responsibilities. It is not enough to just deliver the best ODC service, but also it needs to be delivered on time, hence it is important to maintain a perfect balance here.